Charged with a mixture of rage, melancholia and melodies of acceptance timeless signs are unveiled to us through an emotional look into the macro and micro perception of the conscious.
Velyte is a return to the repairing and atemporary IDM.
2M a.k.a Lucas Becker premieres the Toroide catalog with this exquisite electronic music LP.

Cargado de una mezcla entre melancolía, furia y melodías de aceptación, nos son desvelados símbolos de la micro y macro percepción de lo consciente.
Velyte es una vuelta al IDM reparador y atemporal.
Bajo el alias 2M Lucas Becker estrena el catálogo de Toroide con este exquisito LP de música electrónica.

Written by: 2M
Mastered by: Juan Carlos Blancas
Artwork: Angel Galán

Toroide 2018. Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA)

2M. Velyte

Type: Audio. Music.
Format: Digital, CD limited edition.
Genre: IDM, Electronic
Published in april 2018.

100 Limited Edition CD-R. 10€

Video by Ana Cedrón