2M. Velyte

Type: Audio. Music.

Format: Digital, CD limited edition.
Genre: IDM, Electronic
Published in april 2018.

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Neukleonen. On The Launch Tower

Type: Audio. Music.
Format: Digital
Genre: Electro, Techno, IDM, Electronic
Published in july 2018.

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Toroide is a catalog of productions within the .xyz axes of art, music and technology.

With a clear focus towards the aesthetic experience, Toroide channels audio, video, graphic, interactive, virtual or physical pieces, with a reflexive, regenerative and emotional transmitter approach.

Toroide is a project curated by Angel Galán and based in Madrid since 2017.

Toroide es un catálogo de producciones dentro de los ejes .xyz del arte, la música y la tecnología.

Con un claro enfoque hacia la experiencia estética, Toroide canaliza piezas de audio, video, gráficas, interactivas, virtuales o físicas, con un enfoque reflexivo, regenerador y transmisor de emociones.

Toroide es un proyecto comisariado por Angel Galán y con base en Madrid desde 2017.